What People Say About Us

Shoutbomb is a patron favorite...

Shoutbomb is a patron favorite at our library. It is convenient, easy to setup, and time-saving for library staff and patrons.

Beth Rosenthal Technology Learning Center Coordinator, Kearney Public Library

We’ve surprised and delighted our patrons...

We’ve surprised and delighted our patrons who are tired of email overload by sending them text messages. George is great and provides us with stellar support! We love our Shoutbomb service.

Amanda Payne, ARAPAHOE LIBRARIES, Integrated Library & Web System Specialist

... provide 21st Century customer service to its patrons.

Shoutbomb enables the members of Libraries Online, a consortium of 29 public and academic libraries in Connecticut, to provide 21st Century customer service to its patrons. By empowering users to access their accounts and enable transactions through Shoutbomb, libraries can provide a degree of transparency and ease that adds significant value to the communities they serve.

Joseph M. Farara Executive Director Libraries Online, Inc.

...A joy to work with!

Shoutbomb is a great value. They enhance and improve their product based on customer request and their support is attentive and responsive. A joy to work with!

Sheryl Cormicle Knox, Technology Director Capital Area District Libraries

... the best technical support!

Shoutbomb is “easy for our patrons to use, provides a valuable service at a reasonable price, and has the best technical support!”

Barb Jarvis, Library Systems Administrator Cook Memorial Public Library District

Shoutbomb is fantastic to work with

Shoutbomb is fantastic to work with, they always strive to customize their services to meet our needs.

Bob Bennhoff | AspenCat Services Manager

Patrons love the service.

At Douglas County Libraries, we strive to offer excellent, yet cost-effective solutions for our patrons. Providing patrons with SMS messages from the ILS allows them to know the status of their account quicker. Shoutbomb offers the opportunity to quickly communicate with patrons and provides a comprehensive list of services. Patrons can renew books immediately, be notified of books available on the hold shelf, know the due dates of books or even know what fines they have accrued. Shoutbomb also offers ISBN searching capability and is extremely responsive to support or enhancement requests. Patrons love the service.

Douglas County Libraries

Extending our Traditional Online Services

Shoutbomb provides patron friendly text notices and extends our traditional online services to on-the-go teens and busy adults. It allows us to offer a simple method to renew items, see overdue items and bills, and get notified of available holds, all frequently requested features we were unable to provide any other way. Our patrons love the new service!

Kendal Orrison, ALS Assistant Executive Director / RSA Director

Simple Service for the Mobile-Ready

Since we began offering Shoutbomb to our patrons, the feedback has been nothing but positive. For the mobile-ready crowd, this service is simple to use and affords them real-time information about their holds. Customer support has been timely and thorough and our Library is particularly pleased with the very reasonable costs. We highly recommend Shoutbomb.

Lisa Pappas, Assistant Library Director Plainfield Public Library District

Great Value... Staff and Patrons are embracing it

Our experience with the company and software has been very good. The sign-up process is simple and convenient. It’s very easy for staff and patrons to begin using the service. And we’ve been impressed with their customer support. When we requested a few new features, they were quite willing to experiment and add them to our service

Jill Henriksen, Library Systems Administrator Pierce County Library System