One of the biggest challenges that schools and libraries face is helping parents understand how to integrate the five simple practices of reading, writing, playing, singing, and talking into their daily lives with the goal of developing early literacy skills in their young children. School and library programming are evolving to do a better job of communicating how to do this with parents, but once parents and caregivers leave school or the library, the teacher's and librarian’s reach is limited.

The use of text messages that parents receive on a regular basis has the ability to help reinforce the important lessons that librarians share with their patrons during library programming and during one-on-one conversations. It extends our reach outside of the school and library and into the lives of the parents and has the potential to have great impact on our patrons’ behavior related to providing their children with the tools they need to get ready for school.

We at Shoutbomb are committed to provide the tools to support educators and parents. Vídeo en español.